Las Vegas Strip Clubs


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We know Las Vegas is a great destination to play golf but that’s not all the city has to offer. Las Vegas is known to be a playground for adults and part of that includes Las Vegas strip clubs.

Let’s face it – you’ll have fun golfing but what else can you do to occupy your time. While plenty of people will either gamble, go to a club, eat at a nice restaurant or just people watch, if you want to spend some time out with the boys, we have you covered.

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What you need to know

Alcohol vs Non-Alcohol

Unfortunately, except for one club who was grandfathered in, clubs that serve alcohol are topless only clubs. If you want to see the whole kit and caboodle, then you’ll have to head to a club that doesn’t serve any alcohol.

Which one is for you?

That depends on your personal preference but Las Vegas is home to some world-renown gentlemens clubs and they’re all topless.

Be Wary Of Taxi Drivers, Limo Drivers And Doormen

One of the biggest issues we hear of is a practice called “diverting”. Diverting, with regards to a taxi or limo driver, is when they “talk” you into going to a different club or location. It is actually illegal for them to do this. The reason for this is simple – they get paid to drop people off at these clubs. They’ll tell you everything under the sun from the ‘club is dead’ to ‘there are no girls’.

We know everyone needs to make a living and if you decide to take their advice that’s fine, just keep that in mind.

We Are Your Concierge Service

While our main focus is golf, because of helping clients throughout the years, we have gotten to know the owners and management of these clubs and have established great working relationships with them.

Whether you book a golfing experience with us or not, call us at (877) 889-4653 (GOLF) for free VIP entry (something drivers can’t offer), free transportation and free drinks.

Las Vegas is home to many strip clubs, including the biggest one in the world. Check it out here.