I was born and raised in Muskego, Wisconsin and moved to the Las Vegas Valley in 1994 at 15 years of age.  I began my career in the golf industry in 1996 and that work continues to this day.  I have seen just about everything the golf industry has to offer as a started as a cart attendant and worked outside services for nearly 2 years.  From there I moved into the golf shop and handled golf shop operations for 1 year before moving into an event sales/coordination position.  I ran tournaments for 1.5 years and also doubled as an Assistant General Manager during that period.  In 2000, I wanted to finish my degree at UNLV (degree in Economics) and working at the golf course 50-60 hours per week wouldn’t allow that so I took a part time position at Sterling Golf Services.  The part time spot quickly became a full time position and I worked with Sterling’s Founder (Robert Sterling) for 6 years before becoming an owner.

I am an avid golfer and sports fan and definitely enjoy spending a good deal of my free time within the industry I work!  I love watching golf, playing golf, betting on golf, and talking about golf.  When not on the golf course I love spending time with my wife and son, watching and/or playing baseball, football and soccer!  I compete in a lot of amateur golf tournaments around Las Vegas and Southern California.  Currently my handicap sits at 0.7.

I have really enjoyed my time at Sterling Golf Services and I am very proud of what we do here.  The amount of time we put in ensuring successful golf trips is something we are all very proud of.  When you call Sterling and deal with Charles, Randy or myself you are always getting an honest opinion and someone who wants to take the time to ensure your trip is a huge success.  Our reputation means the world to us and I am confident you will enjoy your experience in working with Sterling Golf Services.